Singer’s Story: Charlotte

In order to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 we are sharing some stories from our singers in regard to how being a member of the choir has a positive impact on their health.

Here is Charlotte’s Story:

“Singing with Victoria Park Singers for the past three years has been such a source of positive energy. Having been through periods of depression over the past couple of years, not to mention the anguish of moving to the Capital, the opportunity to sing together in unison with people from all backgrounds and professions is just superb. Singing is such a boost to mental health, and I feel so at home when I am singing in the group. Feeling “at home” is sometimes rather hard in London – so it has been extraordinary to break away, and immerse myself into the power of music, song, and community. The beauty of music is it is a universal language, and doesn’t discriminate.”