*Notice for new members*


“Apart from the obvious social benefits of joining VPS, where some real friendships have started to develop, there is some serious singing going on…we sing some really cool arrangements across a variety of styles and sometimes even astonish ourselves at the impressive sounds that we create, especially when we perform!”  Michael (tenor)


At this time we are currently looking for men to join the tenor and bass sections. I’m afraid we have decided to create a waiting list for new female voices wishing to join to help balance the sound of the choir.  We will know how many new female spaces are free very soon and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in joining the choir or being added to the waiting/mailing list please email victoriaparksingers@gmail.com.

Details of extra singing sessions (outside of the Wednesday night choir practises) will be released soon especially aimed at those on the waiting list or who can’t commit to weekly rehearsals.